Federico Ferratello was born in Rovigo in 1971, and now lives in Lendinara.
He studied in Castelmassa (Ro), were he took the diploma of Master of Art and maturity in applied art.
He graduated in Architecture in Venice at IUAV University.
He attends courses and examinations in the field of representation and visualization: scenography, ergonomics, visual communication, visual merchandising and window dresser, interior design.
He develops over time his passion for art, refining the taste and the desire to experiment and approach different materials.
The result is a variety of combinations of colors and materials that stand out in his paintings, but not only.
He gets, thanks to this, appreciable feedback from critics, especially in occasion of events such as cultural shows and exhibitions.

They say about him: "in his paintings he conjugates the tradition of the ancient with the modern and nothing, in his representations, is left to chance: colours, tones, lights, reflections, are figures of a pictorial language that tells the story of motherhood, deep and indissoluble love that has always bound the son to the mother. Intense blue, bright green, gorgeous turquoise are interwined one to each other, in order to create veils and arabesques that make up the beautiful backgrounds of Ferratello's works. To embellish the whole is the gold leaf which reminds us how "everything that stands in the background is the divine light". Everything, in Ferratello's artworks, gives the idea of movement: the dynamism of the seabed, the sinuousity of images. In his painting what stands out is the immediate brushwork but also the drawing, from which one senses that the architect Ferratello is a very skilled designer. For the young painter from Lendinara art, as a spiritual itinerary, searches unexhausted an exodus from the visible to the invisible, breaking man's marginality. When Federico creates one of his works, he makes a catartic flight, a quest for beauty and of total love, that emerges from a mythical area and is incarnated in the days, the seasons, in the tears of our carnal and spiritual achievements. Ferratello's artistic research is intimately linked to the experience of the divine, to that spark of love given once for all, for the redemption of the world. Angioletta Masiero (art critic)

“ In the historic continuity, the art beauty is expressed with executive wisdom by Maestro Federico Ferratello. In the immersion of a past and nostalgic world, he is able to catch coglie the formal and chromatic refinement, the tonal agreement, the light vibration and the atmospheric transparency in an ardent realism of classical culture.”. Carla d'Aquino Mineo (art critic)

"Of opened and decided nature, he transposes his positivity through a wise use of fillers, glues and materic pastes, which give body to its evocative and imaginative creativity. This is how the mythological and sacred paintings were born, like Madonna with child, present in library, a "jewel" work where the holy image, like a rare gem, is set in a background of intense turquoise sculpture, illuminated by flashes of gold and precious stones." Maria Chiara Piovani (La Voce di Rovigo)

But the artist goes beyond the works on canvas, transfusing his own feelings on other materials, such as wood.

Here the passion for art is manifested in cuttings, in combinations of fragments, in the use of colors that give a deep symbolic significance to his work, with constant research into style in design.
He participates in numerous exhibitions of paintings and creative performances, expressing himself in continuous technical innovations.

He does not focus only on the production of artistic works: he is called as a juror in several art competitions proposed by the Departments of Culture, where he is appreciated for the right balance in the participant evaluations.

He held meetings and lectures as a speaker at the IAT Office in Lendinara (Ro) of the CTG group sponsored by the Cultural and Tourism Department, at the 'Auser' Popular University of Lendinara (Ro). He coordinates and presents novels by authors in Polesine.

He participates in several art workshops, as one should never stop stimulating curiosity and creativity.

Latest Art exhibitions
2015 Paintings exhib @ Academic Centre - Maison d’Art Padova
2016 National Art exhibition - Este (PD)
2016 Art Exhibition @ Palazzo Zacco - Circolo degli Ufficiali Padua
2016 National exhibition - Art Venice “tra arte e turismo” sala S.Leonardo - Venice
Artistic recognitions
2015 Ventaglio Novanta n.51 Turismo e Cultura - Publication
2016 Publication on National register of the artists 2016
2016 Academic Artist 2016-17 Accademia Tiberina Pontificia
2016 Premio Chagall – National exhib - Padova
2016 Euro Arte n.26 publication.
2017 Euro Arte n.27 publication.
2017 General Catalogue Archivio Monografico Arte Italiana - Milan - Publication
2018 Ventaglio Novanta n°57 Tourism and Culture - publication

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